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We will be happy to assist you in working with your Insurance Agent or Adjuster!

       Over the past 37 years we've had the opportunity to work with most insurance carriers. If you are unsure if you will be filing a claim to cover your damages, or perhaps you are not sure who your insurance carrier is, please don't hesitate to contact us, we can help! We work with ALL insurance companies and would be happy to direct bill them for you.


             We carry IICRC, CR, CMRS certification, we are also members of RIA and strictly adhere to their recommendations. In addition, we are part of the Better Business Bureau of Tucson, Arizona.


    In the Chaos following a fire or water damage, insurance policies may be misinterpreted. Despite the turmoil and confusion, it is important to make wise decisions, because you will be living with the results long after the confusion has passed. Your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company. It entitles you to certain rights and imposes certain obligations. As a professional restoration contractor, Abracadabra Restoration believes that it is in your best interest to understand the rights and options available to you when you most need them. Below are numerous questions frequently asked by policy holders.


What action does my insurance policy require after a loss?

In addition to notifying your insurance carrier, most policies require that you take reasonable action to protect your property from further damage. If you fail to do so, your insurance may not cover any additional loss caused by your failure to provide such protection.


Can my insurance company hire a repair firm to work on my house?


Must I hire a restoration company recommended by my insurance  company?

Your insurance policy does not state that you must retain a restoration company that is referred or approved by your insurance company. You are entitled to employ the services of a reputable, fully licensed and insured repair firm. If you do not employ such a firm, you may be responsible for the consequences and liability for injury, damage or other actions. This is true whether or not your insurance company recommend the firm.

Only the owner of the property can authorize a company to perform work on that property. The repair contract is between the owner and the contractor. Your insurer does not have the right to directly contract for your repairs or insist that you employ a particular supplier or restoration firm.


How  do disclosure rules affect my repairs?

Under current laws you may have to disclose post damage to any future buyers, making it essential that all evidence of damage be completely eliminated. Damage that has been covered up may be discovered later and raise serious problems for the prior owner - (I.e Mold)


How  can I evaluate a restoration contractor?

First, ask for references to three jobs the contractor is currently working on or has recently completed. Call them. Second, check with your local Better Business Bureau for any unresolved complaints. Third, ask the contractor for credentials and association memberships that indicate professional training and status in insurance repair and restoration, since this differs from ordinary home improvement or maintenance work. And finally, ask the restoration company about any relationship with the insurance company that may impede their ability to provide an independent evaluation of your damages.


 How long must I wait for my insurance payment?

You are entitled to receive payment from the insurance company within the time specified by the policy and your state insurance regulations. Usually this is 30-60 days after submittal of the signed proof of loss. However, the policy also has time requirements for the policy holder. Check your policy or ask your adjuster or agent about them so that you will know what to expect.

   Only you (the policyholder) can insist that your insurance company comply with its obligations under the policy. As professional restoration contractors, Abracadabra Restoration recommends that you do out of our strong conviction that good workmanship and ethical business practices benefit the insurance industry just as they benefit the public at large.

NOTE: this information is distributed for educational purposes only and is not intended to and should not be construed as providing legal advice.


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