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At Kustom, we aspire to be the leading provider

of Water, Fire and Mold Damage Restoration in

the USA.


Kustom was founded based upon a concise set of guiding principles. These are the fundamental guide posts of the company's decision making process:

1. Open Lines of Communications - To succeed, a leader must be accessible to open consultative lines of communication from the team. The day a team stops communicating is the day your leadership comes to an end.

2. People, Not Plans - The best plan is worthless without a strong team to execute it. With a team of exceptional people, you can meet almost any challenge.

3. Empowerment and Accountability - The two endowments cannot stand independent, they must balance the other.

4. Think Differently - Look for unexpected solutions; think outside of the norm and and set your path outside the expected.

5. Judgment Over Data - Consider the facts but let solid judgment prevail, always question data and challenge experts.

6. Take Risks - To grow, you must extend your abilities. If you make a mistake, adjust your course and move forward.

7. Act With Resolve - While tough decisions can be hard to deliver, the welfare of the group requires them.

8. Be Flexible - Be open to almost all situations, but don’t lose sight of your values and principles.


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