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Abracadabra Restoration utilizes the latest technology to best serve you!

Place your cursor over the infrared camera to see what we see!

Our Infrared cameras are used to quickly locate wet areas with little or no physical disassembly of the premises and minimal disturbance. Identifying wet areas FAST is the key to limiting permanent and expensive water damage.

For property owners and managers, the benefits are significant. Infrared thermography can detect hard-to-find moisture sources without disturbing the property.


The equipment can also zero in on leaks that are untraceable by other methods, uncover problems that have not yet manifested themselves as wet walls or other signs of trouble, and eliminate wrong diagnoses that can allow the real leak to continue wreaking havoc.

Minimizes water-caused damages

Locates hidden moisture FAST!

Drying effectiveness digitally recorded

Property is not disturbed during infrared assessment

Benefits of Infrared Technology


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