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Abracadabra Restoration understands when water damage occurs in your home or business you need immediate response from a professional and certified restoration company that will act quickly to mitigate your loss. Time is the most critical factor when dealing with water damage -- every second counts. Delay in removing water and moisture can lead to serious structural property damage and can continue until professional action is taken – even if you don’t see it happening.


Don't wait to protect your home or business after water or moisture has entered...waiting can cause further damage. What often starts out as a small leak or drip can quickly wreak havoc as much of the damage may be invisible to the naked eye as it is occurring in the wall or insulation systems. The quicker you begin drying the building structure, the less extensive the damage will be since molds can germinate within the first 72 hours.

Abracadabra Restoration Project Managers and Technicians are highly-trained, certified and experienced in all aspects of water damage restoration including sewage decontamination, dehumidification, and mold remediation. Our team will assess each water damage situation and determine the best course of action for your specific needs.



Our 24-Hour Emergency Service Immediate Response is the key to successfully mitigating water damage.

When major water damage happens to your home or business, you need someone with experience you can trust. Call Abracadabra Restoration 520-323-3261 -- Immediate Response in 60 minutes or Less in Tucson and surrounding communities.


We Will Bill Your Insurance Company!


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